Introducing "Be smarter. Save water."

Water: an essential but limited source of life. What do we know about this important resource?


You may be surprised that water scarcity already affects every continent. According to the United Nations, more than 1.2 billion people live in areas of growing scarcity and 500 million people are approaching this situation. If we do not start saving water now, we are irrevocably destroying our future! But together we can meet this challenge. With the „Be smarter. Save water.“ initiative we want to encourage you to take small personal steps that will sum up to a big impact on the global water balance.


To give you a picture: The average household uses 182,500 litres of water per year. Did you know that a water tap, which loses one drop per second, will waste 625 litres per month? Small actions like turning off the water while brushing one’s teeth can save up to 10,512 litres of water per year. This significantly increases global availability of water and will have an enormously positive effect on the planet. A greater supply of fresh water would also drive the creation of hydroelectric energy and reduce your personal water bill.


„Be smarter. Save water.“ is an initiative by Henkel Beauty Care with its brands Schauma, Fa and Theramed to increase awareness on the importance of water and to encourage water saving behaviour. This is important to us because lifecycle analyses have shown that more than 90 percent of the water and energy used with our rinse-off products is accounted for in the use phase. This means: You can make a difference every single day!


We at Henkel believe that big improvements can also come from small steps. A single low-flow showerhead is one quick and easy way to save water. In combination with taking shorter showers this makes a huge difference. We started „Be smarter. Save water.“ to encourage sustainable behaviour through simple actions. Do you want to significantly reduce your water footprint? Let’s start today!


Read more about sustainability at Henkel Beauty Care in our current Sustainability Report.


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